Rainbow Montessori School includes three beautiful nurseries all situated in prime locations throughout North West London. Our very first nursery was established by Rainbow’s founder, Linda Madden, on our in West Hampstead premises in 1982 and was followed with the opening of a second nursery in Highgate Village the following year. Our most recent addition, in Queen’s Park, was launched in 2009.

All our nurseries are for children between the ages of 2 to five years old and are housed within church premises in some of North London’s most beautiful areas.  Each nursery adheres to the traditional layout of the Montessori classroom allowing children a wonderful learning environment and to choose freely from the learning materials as they wish. The nurseries are all open plan and spacious, allowing children great freedom and mobility.

At our Rainbow Nurseries we aim to bring the best out in each child - to fulfil his/her potential both in academic and human terms. In the classroom, the children are guided in their learning by trained Montessori teachers, who encourage a wide range of subjects but the children remain free to work at their own pace. The result is that Rainbow children are renowned for their confidence and independence.

At our Rainbow Montessori Nurseries we focus on six core areas of learning: Language, practical life, mathematical, cultural, creative and sensorial development.
At Rainbow we pride ourselves on our excellent music and dance curriculum with end of term shows being one of the highlights of the year! Children at Rainbow have lots of opportunities to go on stimulating, educational field trips and very often there are also exciting events at West Hampstead Junior School.
We emphasize social values, culture and respect for others.

You will find that Rainbow Montessori is a very open and friendly community of teachers, staff, parents and students.  We encourage parents to get involved in all aspects of school life and many of our parents end up supporting and creating fun events like quiz nights and summer fetes through our parent/ teacher group Friends of Rainbow.

We also have a Montessori library open to all parents who want to learn more about education and parenting- some of our parents even become inspired themselves and end up training to become teachers at our Rainbow Montessori Training College (RMTC)!