Dear Parents,

A belated welcome to the Spring term here at Rainbow in Highgate!

A pleasure as always to see all of those parents and children returning after the excitement of the holidays, and it is lovely to welcome two new children into the classroom (especially nice to have two more girls to even out the balance a little!).

For this term, we have chosen 'Me and My Body', as our project, so as the weeks go by we hope to include this subject in all sorts of different activities. We will begin by identifying some of the main parts of our body, moving on to explore and test its various amazing capabilities, as well as thinking about what we can do to look after this incredible asset. Of course, we will also be enjoying songs, poems and stories, games, and creative activities which encompass this theme.

As we leave the snowy weather behind us, we look forward to being able to venture out to Waterlow Park to keep an eye on the progress of Spring, and a trip to the garden centre for some new additions to our own garden space is also on the agenda.

Finally, I would like to also extend a welcome to our new dance teacher, Miss Lisa, who will be taking over from Miss Ami as of this term. Miss Isabelle, our French teacher will of course be continuing her class for those children who have signed up.

All in all, we anticipate a fun, and busy Spring term in Highgate!

Mr Stephen, Miss Ellen and Miss Lily

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