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10 Apr 2013
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Summer School 2013

RAINBOW MONTESSORI SUMMER SCHOOL 2013! Dear Parents, Once again, we are delighted to bring you four weeks of Summer School fun for your children to attend!At Rainbow Montessori »

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22 Mar 2013
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Spirit of the Wild!...

Friends of Rainbowpresents ‘Spirit of the Wild!’ Friends of Rainbow are proud to announce a very special event which will bring all four Rainbow Montessori schools together »

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21 Mar 2013
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Passover at Queens Park

 Today we celebrated the Jewish festival of Passover. We ate symbolic food on the Sedar Plate, testing our taste buds with salty, sweet and bitter flavours.Enjoy the »

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19 Mar 2013
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What an Evening! What a...

 WHAT AN EVENING!  WHAT A MEAL! WHAT AN EVENT!    Nursery Parents, sometimes there are special events that take place at the Junior School that we just have to share »

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15 Mar 2013
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QP: Red Nose Day Smoothies...

  Today we made Red Nose Day smoothies with yummy red fruits.  Thank you Miss Lore they were delicious!         

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11 Mar 2013
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QP: World Book Day...

  Last week was World Book Day on Thursday 7 March 2013 and on Friday we enjoyed lots of reading especially using our Cat in the Hat characters and our wonderful »

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5 Mar 2013
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There’s a worm at...

 Today whilst digging in the garden we found a wiggly worm. We all had a look and feel then put him safely back in the soil. We sang "There's a worm at the bottom of »

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5 Mar 2013
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QP: Songs and Stories

  Songs and Stories!We have been telling stories with our puppet theatre and singing using our song gloves.Our favourites are: 5 currant buns, 5 little men and Hickory »

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13 Feb 2013
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QP Italian Carnival: 12/02...

 Yesterday we celebrated and had lots of fun by having an Italian carnival before the start of Lent. We had a wonderful theatre show, streamers, confetti and delicious »

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