Applying to Rainbow

How to Apply to Rainbow

Children can join our Rainbow Nurseries from the age of two years old.

Registration form can be downloaded from here

When your child is offered a place at Rainbow Montessori School a deposit and registration fee of £360 becomes payable. £300 will be refunded when your child leaves the nursery, and deducted from the fees of your last term with us, provided there are no other outstanding payments due and you have provided the correct notice period.

At Rainbow, we follow the guiding ethos of our founder, Linda Madden.

This ethos combines our commitment to the Montessori Method of education together with a deep respect for each child as an individual. We also believe that in addition to the application of a superior education system, learning should be fun!

RMS Motto

“Preparati Alla Vita”

“Prepared for Life”

In summary:

• To educate the whole person and prepare them for life using the Montessori Method.

• To encourage independence, confidence, and concentration.

• To promote good behavior and manners.

• To learn how to respect oneself and others.

• To uphold standards of punctuality and self-discipline.

• To realize and promote individual potential within a safe, stimulating, and non-competitive learning environment.

• To actively promote equal opportunities.

• To enrich the child’s social life through shared ideas, freedom of speech and movement.

• To encourage a positive attitude towards school lif